Digital Strategy

The digital landscape is constantly evolving.

The Flint digital strategy process is dynamic and continuous. And it’s this principle that's the backbone of our success.

The Flint digital strategy process is dynamic and continuous. And it’s this principle that's the backbone of our success.

Our experienced digital strategists and marketers will ensure your investment is on the right side of change. We'll collaborate with you and consult through to results, supporting the growth of your business and stimulating your bottom line.

We can help ensure your budget is well spent, your digital activity effective and your market opportunities maximised to bring you and your audiences together. For us, it’s about creating a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your user.

  • Digital Strategy Creation & Review
  • Digital Maturity Development
  • Discovery Workshops
  • Insights & Trend Analysis
  • Developing User Journeys
  • User-Centred Design to meet Business Needs
  • UX Design, Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Content Strategy & Information Architecture
  • KPI Setting & Measurement
  • Call-to-actions & Conversion Optimisation
  • E-Commerce Performance Review
  • Digital Marketing & Channel Growth
  • Social Engagement & Traffic Growth
  • Tracking & User Behaviour Insights
  • SEO, PPC, EDM, Newsletters

Digital strategy

Digital strategy provides the vision for each project. It’s like a GPS for your business goals. Flint can help identify the fastest route, and guide you through the entire journey.

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Define Goals
& Objectives

We map your digital business case, identify drivers, challenges and opportunities. This information is then used to set clear, measurable goals.

Insights & Trends

Where are you? Where would you like to be? We review the performance of your digital assets, determine actions and quantify potential results.


We articulate your opportunities in a digital strategy plan that considers risks, scalability, future growth and prospects.

& Implement

We assist client and external agencies with our end-to-end involvement, guiding effective implementation to maximize ROI.

Review, Revise
& Improve

Keeping pace with digital evolution, we continually review the strategy against pre-set targets, ensuring it stays aligned with your end goals.

  1. 1. Define Goals
    & Objectives
  2. 2. Research
    Insights & Trends
  3. 3. Strategy
  4. 4. Plan
    & Implement
  5. 5. Review, Revise
    & Improve

To get where you want to be, you need a map. To start this journey, we identify your business and digital goals. We then carefully plot the way forward through an implementable digital road map with measurable markers. With years of experience and hundreds of projects behind us, we know how to get you to your destination.

User Experience Design

How do you deliver meaningful value and create positive perceptions for your audiences? Get to know them and design an experience that'll keep them coming back.

Everyday, customers have experiences with your brand, business or organisation. A good user experience cannot be delivered through technology or aesthetics alone. It’s only by design that those experiences will be positive for your customers and valuable for your bottom line.

Understanding the users

Understanding the target audience is paramount. We've developed a framework to identify and define the specific groups and personas within each target market. This information can then be used to ascertain the needs and behaviours of the specific user groups.

Engaging stakeholders

Through workshops, we facilitate the identification and prioritisation of objectives for stakeholders including marketing, product teams and directors. We dig deep to gain insights and align the needs of stakeholders with those of end-users.

Identifying priorities

We use this research to produce a functionality matrix that identifies end-user priorities, aligning them with operational requirements and assessing them against business objectives. This ensures everything is considered and unnecessary features avoided.

Defining Specifications

Utilising documents, informational architecture and key specifications, we produce a framework to be utilised by the stakeholders and the Flint development team. This blueprint illustrates design, functionality and the user's journey through the digital platform.

Developing prototypes

To provide a tactile means of testing the solution, we develop prototypes for review. These avoid time-consuming changes during the build stage. This is an important phase that simplifies the design documentation and ensures that the model is appropriate.

Delivering success

The user experience is a successful one if it effectively achieves business goals and provides the user with an efficient and satisfying experience. The Flint methodology also considers information accessibility for different users and the manner in which they digest content.

Digital marketing

How can you identify, reach, engage and convert customers? Digital marketing can be the key to creating value for your customers and achieving your business objectives.

With the boom of the internet and social media, customer preferences and opinions are gaining importance. Digital channels can be used to improve customer-brand interaction, increase satisfaction and to generate positive word-of-mouth. What’s more, we can track all digital activity and measure it for ROI.


How can you identify, reach, engage and convert customers? Digital marketing can be the key to creating value for your customers and achieving your business objectives.
Understanding the Market

New technologies and products can change the way our customers communicate, consume and share information. Flint can help you navigate the fast-paced world of digital marketing. We can also facilitate your efforts to reach, convert and engage your audience in a way that resonates your brand.

Generating leads

We can provide guidance in the creation of an integrated strategy that can include lead generating activities like search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM); email direct marketing (eDM), offsite marketing via affiliates and blogs, location-based and mobile marketing. 

Engaging customers

Customer engagement helps you connect with your audience across channels and can drive brand awareness. We can assist you in the creation, implementation and management of activities such as integrated engagement campaigns, social media, eDM, mobile and location-based marketing.

How, when and why do people come to your site? How do they interact with your brand?

Eyes on the prize.

How, when and why do people come to your site? How do they interact with your brand?

Digital activity is completely measurable. Flint can help you determine your online metrics for success, so everyone has a clear picture of the digital goals and objectives. Employing a ‘continual improvement’ cycle we review and evaluate marketing activity to ensure that your strategies adapt to change and new opportunities within the market.

Tracking user behaviour

Digital marketing comes with its own score card. We set up KPI’s with every campaign to ensure that the results and progress of implemented strategies is measurable. All activity is tracked and this enables maximum learning and informed decision making in the ongoing review of digital assets and strategies.

Reporting & insights

A good strategy requires optimisation at a micro and macro level. To enable informed decision-making, we gain historical learnings and identify current trends. This helps us understand the evolution of performance across digital channels. These findings are interpreted and presented to your organisation in a meaningful manner.