About Us

Flint is a Melbourne-based independent digital agency, Founded in 2007.

With awesome creative and sound technical solutions at our core, we drive customer value further through precise and intelligent digital strategy.


We've worked with hundreds of different clients, including leading Australian retail, events, corporate and non-profit brands. Our work ranges from e-commerce, mobile site design and digital marketing, to creative, technological and strategic solutions.

Long-term partnerships

We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients, investing resources into understanding their business. The knowledge gathered is then used to create custom solutions that help our clients achieve their digital goals.

Strategic thinking

Flint’s methodology leads to the creation of strategic outputs with a focus on return-on-investment and meaningful user experience. We facilitate positive user-brand interaction that aligns itself with bigger picture marketing and promotion activities.

Company culture


Our client facing teams are multi-disciplined and highly specialised. With the right mix of experience, strategic thinking and long-term focus, our team members continually invest in skill development and stay ahead of change.


Never underestimate an agency that operates on a great team culture and works in partnership with their clients to achieve the perfect result.
Cam Manderson Director

Team-based philosophy.

We recognise that the best solution is a well-rounded one.

Our teams are cross-disciplined as opposed to silos based on function, ensuring projects have well-balanced results. Everyone contributes to the solution design, giving inputs based on their individual experience, skills and knowledge. These team structures create more accountability, with a focus on results and ownership of the service.

Our simple and agile processes are built around interaction, moving away from complex models and focusing on actions. Clients have direct access to the team members working on delivery, helping them to know the team and be engaged throughout the process. Together, everyone works towards getting the results right.


Cameron Manderson

Cameron Manderson

Managing Director

Cam loves the whiteboard and a good technical challenge! As a director, he understands the functioning of a business. This knowledge, combined with his technical ability, drives the team to both thorough and strategic results. Cam’s vision has fostered an organisation built around innovation and great work culture.

Danielle Stephens

Danielle Stephens

Accounts Director

Dan is all about the details and translating tech-talk! As our Accounts Director, Dan and her team work across the board to ensure our clients always have someone they can reach. Her end-to-end involvement in each project is now engrained in the Flint philosophy, ensuring that clients experience a seamless service.